Glennie’s, your favorite

Summer menu

This menu is an impression for the upcoming summer season as we expect to remain closed this entire winter season due to the current Covid measures.

Trendy restaurant with the best of Holland.
Do you already want to choose what you are going to have lunch this afternoon? View our lunch menu below. At Glennie’s there is a lot of choice and something for everyone. Please let me know when you are vegetarian or have allergies, then I can help you choose a dish that suits you.


  • G=Gluten
  • N=Nuts
  • Sel=Sellerie
  • Mo=Mustard
  • E=Egg
  • L=Lupinnen
  • V=Fish
  • Se=Sesame
  • Me=Milk
  • So=Soy
  • P=Peanut